T56 Features

Features of the T-56 Manual Transmission

The Tremec T56 manual transmission is one of the most sought after features in cars that demand enhanced performance, high speed and additional strength. The technology used in cars with T56 transmission is what sets it apart from other transmissions.

T-56 Manual Transmission features:

  • Hydraulic clutch
  • Bell housing, brass synchros on some models
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to repair
  • Spare parts are readily available

Aside from these great features, a T56 transmission is highly reliable and incredibly efficient. It does work best with high performance cars since it can better manage high horsepower, without suffering any technical glitches. The ability to handle a higher torque is why this transmission is rated one of the best six-speed performers in today’s market.

The outside elements can be particularly harsh on a car and its transmission. Daily wear and tear eats away at it, resulting in reduced efficiency and reliability. But that is not the case with the T56 transmission parts. The stainless steel materials and bell housing and brass synchros provide extra protection and sustained performance so your can enjoy your vehicle for many years, without having to fix it or find replacement transmission parts which ultimately cost you a lot of money.

Because of its light weight, the T56 transmission works well with cars with different torque levels. It improves the overall performance of the car, in terms of convenience and the way it rides. Another great thing about this transmission is that you can drive a lot more miles with a lot less fuel. This is a major bonus in a time when gas prices are at an all time high.

People who prefer automatic transmissions sometimes try to convince others that you do not get the same level of quality with a manual transmission. The T56 transmission defies that belief by offering a high level of dependability, long life and a fun factor no automatic trans can come close to. If you should eventually need T56 transmission parts, they are easy to get and easy to install. If a T56 transmission rebuild is required, they usually involve an upgrade steel three to four fork as well as rugged billet steel keyways, which replace the aluminum parts. Upgrading the carbon fiber synchros will help with regards to gear banging resistance.